My mother and I had promised to tell the other who live on earth that we live after death and my mother showed me.
It came a man who had done a suicide and wanted to talk to them who am thinking to do a suicide.
It is very needed today to hear someone from the other side talking, who know how it is to have a suicide in their mind.

3 Spirits came. There was an Orthodox Patriarch and a Jewish man coming forward and they fight with each other to come first to talk to me but whom had the most important message and learning for us ?
I created a PRAY pattern for you when praying to GOD and GOD was in me and around me in my pray.
I also talked about how the devil will decieve us by telling us that those spirits that come to us and talk are demons to stop us from to get messages and truth from heaven.

GOD have change in my plan to understand where I should focus on for some times. I have find my Jewish roots in Sweden and I was connected to the first Jewish person who was allowed to live in Sweden without convert to Lutheran.
GOD told me to make a contact with the Israelite Samaritan tribe and now I have many friends to could learn more about those Hebrews, Israel and the tribes.

GOD came and talked and I do not rememember what HE talked about but before HE cam did I explained why it is hard to remember what GOD have just said. I talked about why GOD did send me to Israelite Samarians. The big and the small flock.... two sorts of folds.

Why GOD sent me to Israel continues in GOD's plan for me.
GOD came and talked. One man from the Israelite Samarian tribe came and talked.
I have no control over what the spirit that visit me is going to talk about. I hope you understand it is not me to blame if it is something said that make you upset / angry.

My mother 18 years young. I knew she was Jewish even if she didn't told me as she didn't looked Swedish and the DNA-result show me the truth.
What is the 8th day ? Why do the Jewish men mumble in their pray ?
Jewish people in different belief-system.
Visit of a Jewish man said the name: Aaron Schindler

I was to Holon, Israel 2016 because GOD told me to visit a man who am very famous as he have translated the Israel Samaritans version of Toah to English. I come to ask him to help me write the book of my walk under GOD but it was what he was suppose to do according to GOD's will.
It show up now what GOD wanted with my visit to Holon and my meeting with Benyamin Tsedaka.
I needed to be educated more first before I could go back to Holon because in 2016 did I not had visit of spirits from the Kingdom of GOD . Today do I grow stronger in my close realationship with those behind the veil.



He surprised me with what he had with him from heaven, it was something for you.
Something very good for you did he had with him.

In the end I tell you what to do to hear from GOD.

When read winter in the Bible is it when everything is dead said Jesus who came and talked but when he went away GOD came and corrected him and said that winter can also be a time of rest.

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Facebook: eva.virg

If everything we hear in the air was from demons, we should not could believe in anything in the Bible.
How far back should we go ? ..... from Adam, Abraham, Jesus ... modern Prophets ?
If we should believe in demons who am those we hear than should we not could believe in anything

2018 did I pay to be hypnosis because I wanted to know what made me get visits in the night from heaven. In that time could I not talk to them but I knew with hypnosis could I go behind the veil to meet them.
In this episode do I tell you who created GOD

Can they be true those old sagas who have been talking about from generation to generations.
An angel said I was from Israel in the 80's, before I knew GOD... my mother made me go back and memoried my meeting with the angel.

Adam and Eve are a myth told longer back in time and people believe they existed.

I have never understand the baptism for the death but we should see the water as a grave. As a baby we was baptized in water to life. In old time they did emergency baptism for babies that they thought should not make it so they at least was recognized here on earth / have once been born here. To baptize is to confirm they have once lived here and they still live and am not in a grave.

Jesus came and talked and explained for us. To know who am your friend or enemy is not only about your private life, it is about the world.
Jesus told us new knowledge.
Warning to hold you door closed.

So much crimes today. I call the Police and talked about a crime. A girl came forward and talked to me why she had cursed me in 50 years and I explain for her why it was wrong to curse me.

The little girl reminded me about "age" in heaven.

The 7 years of tribulation do we live in. 2 Timothy 3 KJV. Jesus Christ came and explained about the tribulation.

Once again is it about be prepared in your status Q or state of mind

Jesus Christ came and talked about to be PREPARED. What did those spirits and angells talk about when they told us to be prepared ? Jesus Christ answer it in his way to tell us.

This time start to confirm what the visitors have told us about the future, it start to come true.


state of mind - attitude, perspective, preparing for what will come, comforted, relaxed

Talking about the devil inside people. Jesus came and talked about the lost people and behind Jesus stood FYRE the littlt girl who show up sometimes and she talk about you heart as a treasure. The angels do not sing, it is their heart that sings.

I know now that the devil try to steal my trace to Jesus and to Palestine.
Trying to destroy my DNA ... hide to the world who I am.

I know now why Jesus Christ stood in my home but it will be more trials from the devil to steal my identity.

GOD have no body but still HE can show a hand in symbolic way as we live here on earth and understand earthly way we are given from heaven. I had nothing to recording but I knew the spirit world wanted me to recording something they wanted to tell us.
I had two visits in this recording.

#GOD #hand #faith

Like most of the time do I not know what will happen in the recording. I have no manuscript. I let GOD's Kingdom take over my recording and this time did I get a male visitation and he made me make a PRAY and it was a pattern of pray for you to use.
The visitor was Frank Arthur Burling, born 1882 in Ishpeming, Marquette, Michigan, USA ... one of my cousins in USA

June 12, 2021

Hell in the Hospital

I was in the hospitaal for one week. I see it as a threat from the devil but I can see it as I need to help all those people those evil people have killed and try to kill from the past and the future.
I had been in the same area in 2013 and they tried to kill me in that area of the hospital already 8 years ago.

I maybe should have an old man but GOD gave me a young. I needed that kind of man and GOD is not time ( age )
I am sure people going to assume I met him in Gambia in a sex-tourism.
David have been in Sweden for 26 years and am fulltime worker.

This is for my Facebook page, THE PRAYER OF HEALING CHURCH.

Much to meditate on. True word from Jesus Christ.

I read a vision I had for 7 years ago that I didn't understood but today I understand it and it confirmed what I already know today.
People do not know GOD's plan for me and I obey what I hear from GOD and it is in many peoples eyes wrong but they don't know GOD's plan for me. GOD have led me many times in to the devil's den but it was in GOD's plan to make me understand and learn for my work under HIM.

The story about the golden flakes and Jesus mother came and talked.

When a young man came through did I fall like sleep and when wake up I didn't knew what have going on but all is a gift to you and have nothing with me to do.
Sometimes is the spirit personal but you can find even then things to understand and get knowledge from.
I know I started to talk about the dream I had where Larry came through and gave me much love.




Only GOD know a person's life. We can't know a person completely. It can look like a person have a happy life and success but we do not know if it is only a facade or a theater they show us.

We are in the last days, GOD did talk about it and HE came to talk to you. Doing drugs or drinking what it can do in your body.
Stay focus on GOD.
The spirit has no limits so it's knew what is going on in this world and in the last dayS.

Focus on GOD ! Don't look at the world. Let the dead bury the dead. the devil want you to look at the world so you walk in to the dark and not find your way out.

The spirits came early in this episode and I understand why. It was 4 spirits !

and Jesus Christ came and talked. It was a mix of topics and I was away very much in the spirit.
Something happen in the night that made me hurt my arm and the Doctor do not know what it is.
Brainwash of members in the church, call them sect.

I miss my friend but he thought Jesus should protect him and heal him if going sick.
GOD is send us people to help us and GOD tell us to be wise and not foolish.

There is nothing that can separate me from GOD as I know HE exist and also HIS Kingdom ( heaven ) and it expose what is going for real on this planet TODAY that will take us to the end of time.
I see me be one of few living today that try to live after what GOD have told us through Jesus, me and some other in all generations there have been.
The truth will set you free.

I have deepest thoughts ever in this episode based on my experience of the supernatural world. The woman who came could I find in my Family-tree after the recording her name: Elspeth Martin Marriage: 8 July 1721 to Alexander Barry in Fife, Scotland.

#alien #UFO #TIME #GOD #Jesus #history #truth

" I AM in you like you are in me " " A tree give seed that will be a tree and the tree will give seed that will be a tree " " The tree will give fruit to eat or flower to look at "

The diamond star told me this.

In the picture is my grandson who I am not allowed to see and the devil have destroyed him. He was born with bad eyes almost blind and deaf. He got the sight back and can hear today but all the evil around him have changed him. I hope the school will be his breathing and relaxing place.


This is not for young kids.

I am talking sexual things being a part of my past life. I have much love in me but I was raised to do whatever a man wanted should I do and never question it. My mother taught me that I was nothing and my will was hanging in the forest in a tree.

It is the grass that suffers when elephants fight.

In my mind did I knew I should talk about Kenya and cooperative, to listen to me even if I am a woman.
In this episode is it also to listen to those very old people that have much knowledge and wisdom.
To go back to the old knowledge about the nature for to survive.

TEACHING from GOD. I also learn from what I hear. It was much teaching in this episode.
One of my lineage did go directly to Abraham via Virgin Mary and now I understand why they visit me as I knew the spirits that visit me is ANCESTRY.

I have reached Jesus time in my family-tree. I never thought it is working to come so down in the lineage. I hit it with my father's lineage. My mother's line is on the viking-side and it is not so documented as my father's lineage who is going through France and the big tribe called FRANK and it took me down to Asia and Jesus time. I had never heard about the tribe FRANK and in Israel did I find the tribe I had my DNA and GOD want to tell me something with it.....Asherah Semitic goddess.

GOD's presence is not like the other spirits who enter in to my home. I know when GOD is talking, before I knew HIS voice but today I also know how HE interact with me.
GOD did a HEALING in this episode and I can feel it today, the next day and when HE heals HE heal everyone who want to be healed.

Not many know Martin Luther outside Europe. He was a German professor of theology, priest, author, composer, Augustinian monk, and a seminal figure in the Reformation. Luther was ordained to the priesthood in 1507. He came to reject several teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church; in particular, he disputed the view on indulgences. Luther proposed an academic discussion of the practice and efficacy of indulgences in his Ninety-five Theses of 1517.

I started to talk about my travel to Israel but as I have no manuscript can the episodes take another turn than what I think it should be before I start the recording ...and I want it to be that way as it is not about but GOD's will and to reach out to you what GOD want me to say.
I am talking about the sad and scaring way sex take today. I am talking about be deceived by the devil in this generation we live in and know the devil's voice.

The Jewish people are called “am segulah,” a chosen people. The segol also represents the Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
It is as I was thinking when I first got it in early 2020 it was protection and healing ..... and what I felt was right.
I saw hundred of seagulls in the sky and a spirit told me it was souls and not birds I saw.
Is it souls placed on earth to help us ?

I told my daughter I should be up on the top of The Himalaya. It was the first time I did speak in the spirit.
20 years later did I reached the top of that highest peak of The Himalaya mountains.

I never know what will happen and I start to talk about a subject but often is it a spirit coming forward to talk.
Often do I get both a man and then a woman but when the spirit of a Basket player came did first a young girl came and then her father ... the Basket player had his daughter with him.

In heaven they not use any names and often is it hard to know their names, it is only when they direct names to earth we will know, not when we want their names in heaven.


“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”

"If all things have a creator, then who created God?"

only created things have a creator, GOD is not HIS creation as HE is a spirit.

2. When did God begin?

3. How old is God

4. What is Religion?

I answer your questions

When it is coming spirits that belong to far away countries like from the middle-east is it hard for me to interpret as it can be symbolic and traditional speaking that I don't know anything about.
All kindly spirits are welcome even if I don't understand them fully but it can be messages that is for someone and that person can understand it.
I am a messenger for heaven to people here on earth and it include all that is in heaven.

Once again does my life change. I don't know where my life is going but I have given my life in GOD's "hand" and live only in HIS will.

Once again came a spirit and talked about suicide.

The Mormon church think the soul is the same as the spirit. When they cry they think is the sign of the spirit but it isn't, they are connected to their soul and not the spirit.

I got more knowledge about what the spirit have told me / us when I had to visit the HOSPITAL in the night.


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